WebSite Professional Server Self Test

VB5/Access CGI Programming

Robert B. Denny (15-September-97)
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This is a tutorial example

This sample requires the Microsoft DAO 3.5 Object Library (dao350.dll) which is included with Visual Basic Professional 5.0 and various other data access applications.

Before looking at the sources, I strongly suggest you play around with the application and become familiar with what it does. Also, you will probably want to refer to the Windows CGI 1.3a Specification.

This is a very simple database of students, classes, and a linking table describing which student(s) are currently taking which class(es). It is meant to illustrate these important techniques:

The code has almost no comments in it. This is intentional. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the O'Reilly book that is shipped with every copy of WebSite Professional.

The links below lead to the VB sources, and the Access relations, tables and queries. The Access description pages show information pictorially and in SQL source where appropriate.

There are two aspects to this application: