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Server Self-Test & Demonstration
WSAPI (and ISAPI Emulation)



This section demonstrates and tests WSAPI generators. Testing other types of exensions would require them to be installed and alter the operation of your server. If you are interested in extending your server's logging, error reporting, authentication, pre-processing, or post-processing capabilities, use the WSAPI SDK and your C/C++ development environment to create and install such extensions. The WSAPI generators used here load on demand.

WSAPI Forms Processing and File Uploading

This generator simply reports back on the contents of a submitted HTML form. For demonstration purposes, the form below uses the new multipart/form-data encoding, which tests WebSite Pro's form decoder. This more complex format is required if you want to put file fields in a form (for file uploading). A file field is included so you can see how the server handles it. Use your browser's View Source feature to see this form's HTML. Try uploading a file and see how fast WebSite Pro receives it. The file is discarded by this sample.

Name: Email: System: NOTE: If you don't see a "browse" button below, your browser doesn't support form-based file uploading. Netscape 2.0 and later have this support. File:
Yes, it's fast!

NOTE: This is an excellent example for learning about WSAPI. It demonstrates the use of WebSite Pro's internal form decoder and the basic structure of a WSAPI generator.

Perl Version 5 - API Style

WebSite Professional's perl 5 for Win32 package supports both CGI and API modes. There are necessarily some differences in the environments between the two. The CGI mode is nearly an exact duplicate of the perl environment found on Unix systems (except for a few Unix-only system calls). The API mode is a fair bit faster for short scripts, but it has some limitations in its emulation of the CGI environment. We're working with the perl 5 for Win32 maintainer to improve this.

This release of WebSite Professional uses the ISAPI emulation feature (and the ISAPI connector DLL supplied with the original kit) to support the perl 5 package in API mode.

This test demonstrates two important features of WebSite Pro: API file associations and ISAPI emulation. Scripts that use the API mode of perl 5 typically have file names that end in .plx (as opposed to the usual .pl (you can control this, or course). The .plx extension is associated with the perlis.dll ISAPI connector, and declared to WebSite Pro as a media content type of wwwserver/isapi. The combination of these settings causes WebSite Pro to load the perlis DLL on demand and send the script file name to the perl interpreter across the API interface.

If you've already installed Perl 5 for Win32 from the WebSite Professional 2.0 CDROM, run this small perl script which sends back the names and values of some CGI environment variables.

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