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1.2 Release

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   JRun" JavaSoft Java Servlet SDK  

   bullet JRun" JavaSoft Java Servlet Manual  

   bullet JRun" JavaSoft Java Servlet Samples  

   WebSite Pro Java Servlet SDK  

   bullet WebSite Pro Java Servlet API Users Guide

   bullet WebSite Pro Java Servlet API Reference

   bullet Simple WebSite Pro Java Servlet Demo

   bullet WebSite Pro Java Servlet Demo with Forms

   bullet WSJava Test Servlet

   bullet JDK Documentation (if JDK is installed)

The WebSite Pro Java Servlet SDK 1.2 provides a framework for developing Java servlets -- Java server-side applications that run in the WebSite Pro program space. Version 1.2 updates integrated support for the JavaSoft Java Servlet API and fixes a couple of minor bugs in WebSite's servlet API. JavaSoft Java Servlet support is provided by JRun(tm) technology licensed from Live Software, Inc., of San Diego, CA. Live Software has a comprehensive line of ready-to-use servlets that will run with WebSite Professional. Both types of servlets share WebSite Professional's internal Java interpreter, which means you're assured of fully overlapped, multi-threaded, very fast execution. The SDK includes:

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