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Artificial insemination


About artificial insemination
Artificial insemination has quickly become one of the most popular ways to breed horses today. Many people are trying to breed quality horses and desire certain traits and/or bloodlines that may not be available in the immediate area. The technique of transporting chilled or frozen semen to the mare and inseminating her artificially has become more common with advances in horse breeding. However, it requires great deal of synchronization between the mare owner, stud and veterinary surgeon or inseminator.

The benefits of artificial insemination are following:

  • The desired stallion may be a great distance away; the semen can be quickly transported to the mare, saving time and money travelling.
  • Disease control (there is no risk of any form of venereal disease).
  • Reduced risk of injury to the stallion, mare and handlers.
  • Insemination is carried out at time the closest to ovulation thus improving conception rate.
  • Professional insemination technician can take above standard care about breeding mare, which includes not only professional performed insemination but ultrasonic diagnosis as well. This can make the rate of conception much higher and avoid complication during insemination and conception.
  • Mares would not need to visit the stud, thus avoiding contact between visiting mares.
  • Greater effective use of the stallion.
  • The semen is checked more frequently for quality.
  • Our stallion collection is updated annually, so we can offer the present-day highest quality stallions of the current most successful bloodlines to our clients.

We achieved high success in conception rate due to daily semen evaluation to monitor stallion seminal quality and performance. We are very strict on the quality of the semen we supply and will reject any stallions semen that does not come up to our standards.
We make sure that the insemination technicians recommended by ERC to you have the required knowledge and they have the proper instructions regarding the semen and the insemination process.