ERC Breeding program
Fresh semen program


Fresh semen program
Our programme of artificial insemination follows modern way of horse breeding today, which allows you to perform more effectively then when using traditional way of breeding. Our company has provided access to some of European’s finest warmblood stallions through our partnership with respected European studs and breeders, and all stallions we offer are carefully screened for their fertility and performance.
Over the last few years our company has inseminated more than 800 mares each year with fresh and frozen semen and so have built up a wealth of experience with equine semen. Since 1991 we have steadily increased the number of mares bred each year and are acknowledged as the market leader in this business in the Czech Republic.
We can provide you with semen from the highly successful competition stallions focusing on jumping ability and movement as well.. We have a new collection of top stallions for insemination with fresh semen every year and our bank of frozen semen offers collection of 75 top quality stallions of the best bloodlines. We can provide you with semen from the highly respected sport horses of the major sport breeds.

ERC provides semen shipment services throughout the whole Czech Republic. There is a network of around 80 veterinarians or insemination technicians closely cooperating with ERC station. In addition we help our clients to handle all documentation necessary to obtain government subsidy for successful breeders and documentation necessary for paternity testing. 

The breeding season starts on February 15 th and ends on August 31st. We accept bookings of insemination doses during the whole breeding season, six days per week (Mon.-Sat), from 7 –9 am via phone, fax or email. Our delivery service is very fast: we collect in the morning and - you breed in the afternoon! We use railway system for delivering, but other means are used as well if necessary. The delivery of the insemination dose on the same day in the afternoon when booking is made is guaranted. All necessary documentation and equipment (sterile plastic sleeve, insemination catheter) is delivered with the insemination dose.

Our stallion collection for artificial insemination with fresh semen is available on the web site or in printed catalog.