Équinní reprodukční centrum pardubice - Mnětice

Services for Mares

Our reproduction centre in Nemosice offers:

  • artificial insemination of mares with frozen semen from the ERC offered stallions. Mares can be returned to owner either straight after insemination or after positive test of pregnancy (12th day after the last insemination)
  • for the insemination with frozen semen see our frozen semen stallion collection
  • we offer intensive reproduction services for mares, help to solve their reproduction problems, and offer their examination, treatment with the best preparationsinseminaton bag
    and artificial insemination with frozen semen after being treated
  • ultrasonic diagnosis - pregnancy testing and examination of mare reproductive system
  • boarding, daily care, and health management for mares receiving reproduction services.
  • embryotransfer
  • advisory work

Mares receive individualized attention to their needs during their stay, including daily turn-out (outdoor paddock), grooming, and veterinary care. We also offer boarding for mares with foals.
All the mares must be checked by vet. before coming to our reproduction centre.

contact phones:
+420 603 878 518 - Ing. Josef Müller

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