WebSite Professional Server Self Test

Server Self-Test & Demonstration

This document exercises (and demonstrates) many of the capabilities of your WebSite Pro 2.0 server and your browser. Please take the time to work through each feature. Don't worry if the more esoteric features don't seem to make sense; you'll know the reasons for them soon after you start using the server in a development or production environment.

For additional information on these features, check out the WebSite Pro Resources as well as WebSite Central, which has updates, Q/A, add-ons, betas, and more. If you are having difficulties, please consult the Troubleshooting Tips or Frequently Asked Questions. You should also join the Website-Talk discussion list.

* Self-Test Checklist

Use this checklist to verify your setup:

List of Features for Demo/Test

Your new server has the capabilities you need to produce powerful yet easy-to-use presentations and services. It supports the following main features:

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